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In the Spring of 2000, what was then known as, Back to Muncie was formed by Barbara Bryant and a small group of concerned citizens in an effort to stop “brain drain” and “black flight” of youth from the city of Muncie.   Job opportunities for African Americans were virtually nonexistent in Muncie throughout the 19th and emerging 20th century. Black talent was forced to flee to cities for jobs given by their merit and not by their color.

However, recognizing that there still existed a long list of influential African American people, born and raised in Muncie,  The group decided to reunite family, friends and inform youth of their accomplishments by hosting a big weekend picnic celebration.  The event featured Muncie’s finest African American doctors, lawyers, dentists, bankers, teachers, doctoral graduates, female and male airline pilots/air workers, movie stars, college presidents, U.S. Government Workers, Supreme Court nominees, NBA and NFL sport stars.

The youth in attendance received information on individuals who looked like them, graduated from their schools and heard their stories of triumph, sometimes in the face of adversity.   People who were once unknown or invisible to the youth had come to life and had become an inspiration to the youth of our City.  On faith, the sisters began planning of this event to take place every 3 years. This commitment was embraced and grew beyond expectations. The Debonair Club began sponsorship of this celebration, but it continually became more than a few people could manage.  The Club declined to sponsor the celebration. 

Consequently, a group of couples met and formed Forward Vision to submit plans to the Debonair Club and after much contemplation the Club decided to continue their sponsorship of the wonderful event. In 2010, the name Forward Vision was changed to Forward Visions and the mission and goals were re-evaluated and membership was opened to the community.    It sponsored various community uplift events aimed at addressing issues and making the city better for youth and establishing a voice for our people.  With this commitment, Forward Visions continues to pursue opportunities that will enable it to contribute positively to the Muncie community and to cast a vision for future generations.


We honor the men and women who founded and helped to bring into focus what is now the FORWARD VISIONS

Lft to Rt.: Felicia Rice, Robyn Moore, Ronald Hill, Eldred Coleman-Jones, George Foley, William McIntosh, Wanda Wilkerson, Judith Hill, Sasha Donati, Jason Donati, Jama McIntosh, Eric Ford and Chandra Ford

Missing from the picture:  Melody Blair and Lenora Mason

Forward Visions Group Pic.jpg
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