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This gallery contains photographs of events sponsored by Forward Visions.

1st Annual Marriage Workshop
On November 15, 2014, Forward Visions hosted it's 1st Marriage Workshop for Married Couples.  Our speaker for the event was John Girton of Indiana Healthy Marriage and Family Coalition.This will be an annual event for Forward Visions to help out and support Marriages and the Families.
Ol' School Extravaganza
On March 29, 2013, Forward Visions hosted a party that took everyone back to the days of stacks, afros and soul.  Partiers enjoyed the sounds of Motown, great food and drinks. Funds raised were used to support future Forward Visions events.
The First Annual Forward Visions Golf Tournament 
June 22, 2013, marked the first annual golf tournament for Forward Visions. While it was a first it was a major success by all accounts!  Golf teams from all over the city gathered to support the Alpha Center/Adult Day Services.  The Alpha Center, which had recently lost its funding was extremely grateful for the club's support. 
Black Music Month 
Forward Visions deemed it necessary to rebirth an event, which most African-Americans in the Muncie community anticipated every summer during the 1980s.  In the summer of 2008, Forward Vision reintroduced “Black Music Month,” celebrating the contributions African-Americans have made to the music arts in America.
​Unity In the Community

Following what may people consider

to be racially motivated incidents, Forward Visions organized a “Unity March,” a call-out for peace and racial harmony in the City of Muncie.  Civic leaders, members of the clergy, and dignitaries took turns at the podium, urging the community to unite.
Eat & Speak

In April, 2008, Forward Visions held a forum titled, “A Taste of Soul,”  during which participants enjoyed a soul food buffet, which discussing a number of topics with people who sat at the same table.  Topics included youth, economy, politics, education, and health, just to name a few. Following the success of the first event, a second “Eat & Speak” was held in 2010.


​*Community Unity Rally​                                                        *Food Drive              

*Muncie Homecoming Parade                                             *Whitely Neighborhood  Clean Up  

*Best Fish Fry in the Land                                                     *Black Expo Parade

*Muncie Rib Fest Participant                                                *Taste of Soul/Town Hall  Meeting 

*Buley Center Fund Raiser (From Ghetto to Gourmet)

*Eat and Speak/Community Forum

*McCulloch Park Black Music Month Celebration (2008-  2010)

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